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So, you know how most people would be running to the doctors and get amputations and all kinds of stuff? I've been working like a dog. Every week I travel to a different city, I do a lecture all on Saturday, 10 - 12 hours day, and then I do patients anywhere from 2 - 5 days. 

When I was in Chicago, I had patients from 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM, all day long. Even with all this, and I'm 62 years old folks. You gotta be healthy if you ever go through this and survive.  


Can you tell us what island you went to in the Philippines? 


I went to quite a few. The two o'clock? Pardon? 


Did you go to Palau?  


Palau, no I didn't. 

There are 7,107 islands in the Philippines.  


Alright, which ones did you go to? 


*Laughs* (for some reason) 

[Attendee #2] 

Well, why did you go back so many times?  


Well, I'm looking for land for the clinic. They've offered me 220 acres for $160,000 mountain top. Very nice.  

It's through a tribe, I helped them. They had malaria. Two children, infants of one of the chiefs had malaria, there were three translators because we go from Tagalog, which is the main language of the Philippines, then you have specialized dialects within the tribe. So, we had to go to translators and the translators went to English from Tagalog to English from the chief. 

He said, "I really can't be with you all today because I have to get my two youngest daughters, one was a year and one was three. He had five daughters. I have to get them to the hospital because they have malaria, the two youngest have malaria". And so, she translated that to me cuz she knows I'm a doctor of nutrition. 

And I said, "Well, 85% of the people who go to the hospital for treatment for malaria die, only 40% die who don't go to the hospital. So, your daughter's chances of surviving outta the hospital are better. But all you have to do is take lime juice, that two ounces of that with two ounces of honey, not that garbage stuff they make. 

They make, mix that together with six ounces of coconut water. So, they mixed that. Three weeks after I left there, I said, "Give that to them, 1 -2 tablespoons every hour on the hour for three days, and then 1 - 2 tablespoons every 2 -3 hours for 3 - 5 more days after that. 

So, I got an email 10 days after being there, the girls were fine.  


What were their symptoms?  


They had very high fevers, colds and sweats. They could be burning up and be as cold as cold can be. 


And they were babies, one year old?  


One was one and one was three.  


Oh, he must be ecstatic. 


Well, they were, so they really want me to buy the land and be there, build my clinic so I can help them. But I told them, you can only get malaria if you're a carb eater, carbohydrate eater.  

So, I told 'em, you need to stop eating all that rice, corn, and eat like your other tribes that eat just fish and coconut and a little bit of fruit. 

I didn't see any of that, any roots. Also in Thailand, they're big on roots. 

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