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This raw diet so long, I am so clean. I am like some cats, they will not eat anything fermented because it causes great imbalances. If I eat kefir for more than a day or two days a week, I swell up like a pig. My ankles and feet will just get puffy and huge.

Too much alcohol in my body, I don't have as much toxic fat to have to break down anymore. In you, you still might be fine with it, cuz you're not a 100%er, you still eat cooked foods. And like Sally Fallon eating fermented foods, they are very helpful for breaking down toxic fats and other waste. So, as long as you're eating some cooked foods, the more fermented foods you have, the better you will be if you're eating lots of cooked foods.

If you're not eating any cooked foods, your ratio of fermentation should be minimal.


So, you're not in the natural process of turning to yogurt inside the can, which I do nothing to it inside a plastic bottle from organic pastures. It's a fermentation process, nonetheless.


Yeah, but the fermentation process will pull more plastic out. So, you better transfer your stuff into glass as soon as you get it.

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What about the cream and butter in plastic?


Same thing. If it's room temperature, it will leach. If you freeze it, it's going to leech more. You freeze anything in plastic, the toxins escape from the plastic and get into whatever food it is.


Take it out immediately?


If you get butter in a plastic container refrigerated, it's not going to leech much.

If you take it out of the refrigerator and leave it outside, you better put it in a glass.


It's hard, but you said you could wait up to six hours.


Yeah. As long as it doesn't get too hot, so it gets soft enough to put into a jar. It depends upon the heat of your house, temperature of your house.

Soon as it gets soft enough to scoop it out, and put it in a jar that's when you do it, whether it's 2 hours or 6 hours.


Cottage cheese comes in plastic, sour cream comes in plastic. I take it out.


That's good, that's what you should do. Well, just remember that anytime they make plastic, they have a powder film in there that keeps it from sticking to the machinery. So, that powdered toxicity is always in your milk.

So, what that does, is it robs certain proteins and fats from that milk that you're not going to digest. So, is it better to pay the extra amount of money?


Milk is the only you're concerned about that?


Yes, the milk is very particular to that.

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