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Everybody's noticed how thin I am?


Yes. Wasting away.


No, actually, the fat level is staying high. I'm now 20% fat. I was 22% about three months ago, so I've lost 2% fat because I'm going through a detox and a cold. But I thought that, I thought there would be five generations, about 38 to 40 before I'd had all the old toxic fat molecules out of my body.

When you eat a cooked food, the fat molecule has swollen anywhere from 10 - 50 times its normal size. So, you can imagine the girth that people have. Only the tribes like the Fulani's that eat 90% dairy do they have more girth in their bodies.

But the Samburu and Messiah are very tall and very thin, yet their fat level is 18% - 20% cause the fat molecules are very small.

Well, I'm at that point now, so I'm a 30 inch waist, 29 at my low side, 33 top. So, I'm a 31 right now. So, in the last two years, my body has detoxed a tremendous amount out of the bone.

So, even my bones have shrunk, but everything's dense. No osteoporosis. So, this will be the ultimate skinny diet eventually, but I don't want anybody to think.


35 years or so *laughs*.


Well, I have to look at, it's been 34 years since I started eating all raw foods, so it took me 34.


When did you start eating the raw meat?


Well, I started eating raw meat in 76, so that's 30 years, it'll be 30 years in September since I have been eating raw meat. And then eating raw meat on a daily basis was 82, so it takes a while.

With the raw food, you have to count from the time I started raw food, not raw meat, cuz that's when I stopped eating the cooked fat.


Well, everybody's gonna be different too.


Everybody will probably dig different. I have one lady who's only been on the diet 14 years, and she's trimming down. She's keeping a high fat level, like 24%, but she's really skinny now, you know?

So, she did it in 14 years, she had breast cancer. So, people will do it at different stages, but it took me 34.

So, get used to me thin. I'm not used to being thin.


How interesting. You didn't change anything?


No. Didn't change it. Finally, just, well, there's one thing that I changed year and a half ago...

[sorry... I cut it here]

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