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People say, well, you're pretty skinny. Well, I'm thin because I've been eating raw foods since 1972. So, the fat molecules, when they're raw are very small, very powerful, very concentrated.  

When you cook a fat, it swells 10 to 50 times its normal size guess.  

Look at this. I have a little bit, not much, tight legs, no fat appearing anywhere else, but a little bit right here. You know what my body fat level is? Normally people, when they're men and they're my size what do you think that that level normally is?  

Yes, that's right. 7% to 15%, usually 7% to 12%. 

I am 22% body fat. So, I'm really bigger than he is if I had cooked foods, cooked fat molecules still in my body, I'd be about his size. He's about 22% to 27% body fat. So, that's what I would look like if I still had old swollen fat, cooked fat molecules in my body. 


Didn't they say you're supposed to be around that 7%?  


Athletes say that for performance.  


Is that true? I 


t's not true at all. I've got athletes who when they go on the diet, they take all this time off and they gain 5% to 10% bodyfat. It's the quality of fat that's important and the concentration, you can get so many more fat molecules into a small space if they're raw. 

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