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My son is fine, he's in jail. What he does is he'll do the raw meat and the egg, he doesn't bother with getting the milk and he can now in his area. So, probably when he gets out this time, he'll go for it, but every two and a half years, he'll stop doing the proper diet.

H does never does it fully. He does the raw meat and the raw eggs everyday. He does not eat the dairy or honey or the butter or anything else, any of the dairy. So, he eats the raw meat and eggs. And then all of a sudden, every two and a half years like clockwork or two years and three months, he'll stop eating that stuff, gets back into crack cocaine, and he ends up in jail every time.

So, this time they're not letting him out, they won't even let me bail him out this time.


Is that good or bad?


Well, that's good. He needs to sit in jail for a while and learn that he's not gonna get out so easily anymore. He's 44 years old, but otherwise he's in good health.


So, the cocaine?


He loves crack cocaine. See, he was put on Ritalin as a child, and about 10 years ago, a psychiatrist woman who had three doctorates on that in the psychology and psychiatry showed me a report that stated that in their analysis of people who were crack cocaine addicted, 73% to 78% had been put on Ritalin as children. So, there was a direct link between Ritalin and children and in crack cocaine.

Now, think about this. The Bush family ran crack all through the eighties and nineties through the CIA. They were sponsoring all of the clandestine activity in central America against all the central American countries, that was their private CIA war. They funded it by running crack cocaine through Panama and Nicaragua and they paid for all of that, and also, Bush Senior is invested in Eli Lilly.

So, you take a look at that link. They know what they're doing. They knew they were gonna get a lot of crack cocaine addicts for a lifetime once the kids were put on Ritalin.

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