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I shop only once a week, cause I have to come all the way from a [unclear] up in the mountains, and come all the way down here. So, it's 45 minutes to an hour trip. So, I shop one day a week. I get home, I cut my meat up in slices. I put in quart white mouth jelly jars, lid on it, put it in the refrigerator. I don't pack it so tightly that there's no air, there's airspace in it. 

And I've had it last three weeks that way. When I've had wild game, I've had in there for a year without opening it and opened it a year later. To the day a year later, there was no odor to it.  

The longest I've kept cultivated meat is three months without detecting any odor. 

I keep the lid on tightly unless I'm making high meat, but then I keep it on tight in my refrigerator because I don't want it stinking up my refrigerator.  

But if I got the refrigerator outside for my high meat, I let the refrigerator stink to high meat. I almost said high heaven. 

That will help presere your milk. If you want your milk, just add some honey to it. It will last longer.  


So, milk on the counter. It's good for how long? 


It's good forever. It just becomes cheese. 

if you have the cream, and honey with it, and it turns into kefir and then separates and part turns whey, you shake it or blend it. It's right back the way it was. It becomes emulsified again. 


What about fish? 


Fish fish lasts about 10 days without stinking, but still, it's okay. If you want to keep it longer, you could take just a little bit of lemon, and a little lime. 

Lime is an antibacterial, lemon is a fermenter. That's why they use lemon to make cevici. 

Lime is an antibacterial, so it does not break it down the same way. 

And again, keep your fish in jars. Glass jars with a lid. 

Everything will keep longer in glass. Keep it in plastic that phalates gas, and they may cause phlalate gases to start reacting with the tissue, and it starts breaking it down into a foul odor, get really slimy. So, put it in glass, takes a very long time for fish to even get that way.  

Chicken will never get that way in glass, but it will in a plastic bag, even if it was a Ziploc. 


I found the chicken to be the most economic 


Oh yes, definitely. Yeah, but you look like you have some symptoms of anemia, so you need the red meat. 


But I got some buffalo shit 




Is it crucial that you cut the meat, and fish before you put it in glass jars. 


It fits easier.  

I mean you can slam it down in there, and try to get it out, which I've done it. 





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