Aajonus Scrapes Off Mold








So, don't worry about the molds. On cheese, I will scrape the top off because those are mushrooms and mushrooms contain a lot of spores and we're not healthy enough to handle those, cuz we're not used to it, so it could cause a major detoxification. So, I don't mind the molds inside the cheese because that's the way cheeses are made, cheeses are made to be molded.

When you have American cheese, they never touch mold. It's just processed milk that goes through a heat, pasteurization, and homogenization process, all chemically induced. But true cheeses were always put in caves to let the molds in the caves predigest them for us.

The reason for that was milk was they would have herds and have excess milk they didn't get to sell. So, if they ate the cheese raw, It wouldn't digest properly, it would just go through the body. Sometimes diarrhea a lot of times constipation. So, they learned that if you put the cheeses in caves and let them mold eat them, they could digest the cheese.

So, when you have mold on your cheese, like when you get 'em from the Amish, they mold fast, they get hairy fast. You just scrape off the top, so you're not getting all the spore, and then eat the cheese.


On the bottom too?


Everywhere, all of it. If you look at it under a microscope, you'll see that they're mushrooms, there's spores from the mycelium that breaks down the cheese and if we were healthy, mold wouldn't be a problem, we'd be used to it, and we'd be digesting the mold.

But right now, we don't have a digestive tract that's strong enough for that. So, we'll end up with constipation or diarrhea.

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