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Thailand, also to satisfy me, 10% of the patient basis will be completely free and they will be the poor people at Thailand.

There will be some kind of work exchange for some people, I'm gonna arrange for all types of ways to get people in. But your normal therapists and everything like that have to be Thai. It has to be so many in order to do it in Thailand, a great percentage of the workforce has to be Thai.


The way the system hits here in this country is so heartbreakingly, young people and they can't afford different things to heal themselves. They have through whatever the insurance will give them.


In Aruba, now that I have my PhD, my clients there are arranging there with the government, they've already set it up. When the health center gets open, they have their own health system there, and it's for everybody and it's free, it's like in Canada, so they will fly the people to the health centre in Costa Rica and pay for it completey.


Their own people?


Yeah, in Aruba.


If people going from America or from another country they have to pay?


It's going to change. It's just like Campbell Insurance Company, they ensure certain firms, certain workforces, they paid my bill even when I wasn't a PhD.

They paid, the cost of coming in to consult from the work.

That insurance company pays alternative therapy cause they know they work.


Do you belong to them?


No, I don't. I have patients.





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