Aajonus Letting His Teeth Rot





magic mushrooms



I wanted to see what would happen on this diet if you just let the teeth go. I'm still doing it. Like, I have a tooth here, which is almost completely rotten down and the nerves right there. I mean, I can poke it and it'll bleed, but I have no pain and I used to have severe pain.

I mean, pain so bad. Like it would last 30, 60 days and I'd have to magic mushrooms and a marijuana mixture as my painkiller to get rid of it and then do nothing but eat, sleep all day. That's all I could do cause the pain was so excruciating, and that's when I began eating that was shortly after the poison mushroom and I destroyed my body so much and it was in December of 1982 when I had that severe toothache that I began eating meat every day and that made a big shift in my pain level.

All of a sudden when I started doing that within 30, 40 days, I barely experienced any tooth pain anymore, and now I experience none. The nerves are right there. I can puncture them and they'll bleed, but yet I'm eating and I get no pain food going down there and hitting it all the time.

Maybe once in a while if I make a nut formula and a little chunk is there and it gets back there, but it isn't severe, and the pain doesn't last more than a second, two seconds.

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