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First of all, I'm gonna talk about, I had a nasty accident again in Thailand 13 weeks ago. Three and a half years ago, I had an accident in a car. Somebody ran into the side of this SUV I was a passenger in and flipped it over a few times. Broke my clavicle, two ribs, and collarbone, and I was back to making love with my girlfriend five days later. So, accidents can't keep me down, broken bones. However, this last one, I used to own three motorcycles when I was a kid, and when somebody ran me off the road in Los Angeles on one of the freeways, I decided to get rid of them. When a truck purposely ran me off.

So, I went to Thailand this last time, worked a week in Bangkok and then went to [unclear] to had take a week vacation, and I rented a big Harley while I was there. I didn't have that Harley for two hours, two and a half hours, and I was going on a busy street only about 18 miles an hour, 20 miles an hour maximum, and there was no intersection, no driveway, no crosswalk and these five tourists jumped right out in the street in front of me. So, it was either hit them and take a chance on killing two of them, cuz it was a pretty big bike. It's about 350 pounds or so, and spending my life in jail in Thailand cuz when you hit somebody and kill somebody in Thailand, it doesn't matter who's at fault.

So, I decided bury it to the pavement. So, I buried it on my leg, so when I hit the pavement, of course, the asphalt pulled my rump back this way and damaged my sciatica, and then the bike took my leg that way. It popped it, I thought it was gone. I thought my leg was off and separated at the knee. It hurt so badly, and it took me a minute, and about 15 seconds to get the guts to look down to see if my leg was still there. And it was still there, and the bike stopped about three feet from them and they just stood there and then they walked away.

They just stood there in the road and walked away. And this one Thai lady, probably about 36, 37 years old, she saw it, she came and stayed with me and I stayed on the street for 20 minutes cuz the pain was so bad. I wasn't gonna move, and everybody said to call the ambulance. And I said, no, no, no, no, no. I'm not going to any hospital. At least not in that condition because it took all of the skin off of here all the way down, all the way back. I was in shorts and t-shirt, so it took all of the skin all the way up here too. So, there was no way I was going to go to a hospital and have them put iodine on it and give me an injection to settle me down cuz I was refusing everything.

So, it took me about 35 to 40 minutes to settle the pain down where I got on a taxi and there the taxis were just cutout pickup trucks with a frame on top and two metal benches on the side. So, I took a taxi, I lied on the floor. The Thai lady took care of arranging, getting a couple Thai motor bike driver taxis to take my motorcycle back to the hotel with me following the taxi, the other kind of taxi.

So, I got back to the hotel. I had lime juice and I had coconut cream and honey there. So, I cleaned all the wounds. Of course, with the asphalt, there were chunks of asphalt all over, so black all over. So, took the coconut, and lime juice and cleaned it.

Cuz lime juice, let me give you an example. You see this little piece right here. That's a piece of the asphalt coming. That was three months ago, but when you put the lime juice on it, it surrounds it. If you don't do that, then your body uses phenomenal amounts of white blood cells. And then that's called an infection. It will keep pussing and blistering, but the lime juice stops all that.

It will bring it to the skin eventually and just keep coming off in a slight scab. So,


So, any kind of fall is required lime juice?


So you wanna do it with any kind of a wound, cut, anything like that? Use lime juice. Lemon juice is a bacterial, it incites bacterial activity. That's why they use it for marinating. It helps degeneration, it helps break down. It helps predigestion of foods. So, you don't wanna put that on your wounds cuz it'll just eat away your own body, lime juice seals it. It seals the toxins.


Does it hurt?


Oh, it stings like hell.


You take a lime and just rub it?


I took the lime, squeezed it and rubbed it in and I mean vigorously and there was no skin and no muscle here. It scaled some of the bone away.

This bone, you see this bone's a little larger than this one now. And it took some of this bone away when I went down on the pavement. Shaved some of the ankle bone off on the pavement. So, the tendon that was over the ankle got scraped off, so it buckled up on both sides.

The two tendons here, you've got two rope tendons on either side of the knee. This one ripped this way and this one ripped this way. So, they were buckled up like this on the ends. So, I got back to the hotel. I washed everything out and put coconut cream in it, on everything, and then put honey on it.

And then the leg looked so bad and was in too much pain that I thought there was dislocated. So, I said, well, call a taxi. Let's go to the hospital, and I wanna have it reset. So, they called the hospital and the ambulance came, four attendants take me the hospital, one driver and it cost me $12.50. The price difference is astounding. So, I got there and the intern freaked out when he saw my leg and my body, I wouldn't let them touch any of my wounds.

I said, I've already cleaned it. They don't see any iodine on it or any methylate, so they think that I'm nuts. And I told them I cleaned it with the with the lime juice and the coconut cream and honey. And it was fine. I didn't need anything else. The intern was, you know, he is probably only about 27, 28 years old, and he wasn't gonna touch this leg.

And so he called an Osteo surgeon. Osteo surgeon came, but he said, Osteo surgeon isn't gonna do anything without an x-ray. I kind of figured that at that point. So, I said, you get two x-rays, one shot this way, one shot that way and that's it. You have to make your decision from those.

So, by the time the Osteo surgeon got there, I had the x-rays done. I have them right here and you've got a big tibia bone right here, mines about as big as my fist, and it goes down all the way down to the ankle, and then you've got another bone that's smaller. It goes on the back side, back inner side on both legs.

So, that tibia, the big bone, was split in two with about a quarter of an inch or more in the back open. Plus the tibia goes up like this and the femur sits down in it like this, it broke the top off. Other splintered pieces of fragments of that cartilage were in the knee joint.

So, the Osteo surgeon said, there's no way you're ever gonna walk again, unless we do surgery. You've got bone fragments there, it's gonna stab the nerves in the knee joint, and you're just not gonna be able to put any weight on it. He said, of course, I can't put a cast on it unless you let me operate. I said, I don't wanna cast anyway, when I was nine years old, I had a ladder collapse and I shattered my heel cap and I had a cast for 12 weeks. I was going nuts. Cause you can't scratch it. I mean, I would take hammers and hit it. It was scratching itching so badly, and baths, no showers, anything like that. So, everything was sponge bathing. And that was no fun. I love water. So, I said, I don't want cast anyway. And he goes, *imitation*.

And I said, I elect not to accept the surgery, but I'll be back in six weeks if I can't walk. And he goes, *imitation*, thinks I'm out of my mind. So, the hospital drove me back free of charge, back to the hotel. So, I called my girlfriend who lived in the next town, and she knows my diet and everything. So, I called her the next day. I had enough food coming from Bangkok to make it through Saturday, probably part of Sunday.

So, she came on Saturday, brought, bought all the food that I needed. The coconut cream is over there is easy. They make it everywhere, everybody eats it. So, she brought all the food that I needed, and then she stayed with me. I had two, that one woman. and my girlfriend stayed with me 24 hours a day for two weeks.

And I mean, I was in pain constantly. Plus my girlfriend got a wheelchair, a wheelchair there, a good wheelchair cost $125, here it cost a thousand or more. So, got me a wheelchair.

So, they were taking cold coconut cream. We'd leave in the refrigerator and that's the only thing I would allow cold on the leg. I have some hot water bottles. And of course they went under, around the legs, different areas. The places where I had no muscle, the skin as well as the muscle was gone here and here and in here, I put thin strips of meat to seal that over. And I took gauze in all the areas where I put the honey and the coconut cream. I only used the lime juice for two days. Then after that no more lime juice, then after that was just coconut cream and honey, and then the gauze and the gauze, I would soak in coconut cream, then take the raw butter to put a thin layer on that, so the wounds would never dry.

And if they never dry you, they won't scar and then you'll replace the tissue very quickly. So, in exactly two weeks, all of the skin had completely replaced itself. Couldn't even see that any skin was gone from here. I do have some scars still left here, little bubbles of scars here and here you can see there's a little bit of scar there. Here there's a little bit, you can see it's still red here and down on the ankle. You can see here part of this bone that was gone, all this was gone. So, that's the only scarring left.


Probably goes away after a while.


It will go. That'll go away. It will probably take about a year and it will be gone and you can see the knee is still larger than the other one. And I can't straighten it all the way yet, but interesting thing that happened within a few days, all of the muscle in this thigh disappears. So, I had this hanging flesh on this bone, this femur bone and all of that went to make a cast. And the cast came from here down to the end of my toes. And you could hit it. It was like a hard cast inside under my skin. So, the body formed its own cast. However, when I tried to lift my leg, it still hurt very badly here. The tendons grew back in one week, but the pain didn't.

In fact, I don't think that I had much pain from the broken bone. What I had the pain was from those tendons that had ripped and those tendons, this one still aches a little bit. Sometimes when I awaken in the morning, not when I walk, but when I waken in the morning. So, the women were very nice, the one girl slept on the floor, they're pretty used to that there.

And then my girlfriend of course slept in bed with me, but they would, anytime I would moan, they'd be up and rubbing my leg, just very attentive. Fabulous to have two people helping me, so nicely like that.

But the pain was so excruciating. I spent a lot of the time in the bathtub. Because when I hit the pavement and bruised my sciatica, my sciatica swelled about this big, cause I went down with a 350 pound bike and hit the pavement. So, it was pretty bad. So, I could only sleep like this with pillows under this, with hot water bottles on the side of it, towels draped over it. So, this leg was up on towels and I had to sleep on this side. Well, you can only sleep so long on one side of your body, so I'd have to get into the bathtub. So, I'd have to use the crutches to get to the wheelchair, the wheelchair, to get to the bathroom, the crutches, to get from the door into the bathtub, and the ladies lifted my leg up into the bathtub as I sat on the edge of the bathtub.

So, that went on for about two weeks, and then I was okay. I was able to get around on crutches. Didn't have to use the wheelchair very much, but in that second week, I had some computer problems and I still have to work, so I will work a few hours at a time on my computer and I had some computer difficulties. So I had to go to a computer store in that town wheeling me and these two Thai ladies are telling everybody because both of them had been in motorbike accidents and had huge scars from where they had been in accidents. Mine much worse than theirs. Mine was all sealed over already and you know, barely noticeable after a week. And this one, it took two weeks and this, it took two weeks. One on the ankle took two weeks.

So, they're going around telling everybody lime juice, coconut cream and honey. They stop anybody because they couldn't believe that an old man, 60 years old could heal that quickly from that bad of an accident. And they thought that I was crazy for not having the doctors take care of my leg too. And then after two weeks I was getting around, so I let the one girl go and then my girlfriend stayed with me for another month.

So, I pretty much stayed in the hotel room up until the third week, and then the third week I decided the leg needed some exercise and I couldn't walk on it yet, still too much pain. However, the pain wasn't excruciating, it was bad, but not excruciating after that point. So I started going into the swimming pool at the hotel.

They agreed to lower the chlorine level and all of that, but after five days I started getting the swimmer's ear aches and the sore throat and the sinus problems and the headaches. So, then I decided that I had to go across the road to the ocean or the bay, they have a gulf there where I was. So, I had to walk on crutches down these stairs that were about probably a hundred stairs to get down to it. So, I'd have my crutches going all the way down the stairs and then I'd have to walk on the crutches through the sand out to the ocean. Then I had to put my crutches down and hop into the ocean far enough to get there, but it was a pretty shallow area.

So, I would get up to about this level and I would go a mile. I would walk a mile, exercising the leg.


Walk in the ocean?


Walk in the ocean. Yeah. So, they didn't have big waves cause it was a gulf and it was pretty quiet. I mean if it storms you might have some big waves, or big boats come by.

So, I would exercise two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening to get the leg moving and make sure it was okay. One time, something like a jellyfish, you step on those things and your foot goes down and down. This one went in and they had to pull it back out and it popped the leg apart again. So, that was hell. That was after about four weeks. So then I had another two days of excruciating pain there, and then I just made sure I touched ahead of that foot before I stepped that foot forward every other time I walked out there that only happened one time, but I did find a couple of those things that I would've stepped into had I not taken the time to check it.

And then after about six weeks, I threw the crutches away and started walking almost painlessly. And then after six and a half weeks, I got on a plane and came back and, this is it, it's 13 weeks as of last night. They said I'd never walk again without surgery. What I did to help the bone dissolve those fragments. I used three quarters of a cup of pineapple, half a cup of coconut cream and a half a cup of honey, blended those together and put it in a cup of milk and had that and had cheese.

I would have about eight weight ounces of cheese, which is a slice of cheese about like this, like you get in a package of cheese and I eat one of those a day and about, almost a liter of my pineapple, coconut cream and honey and milk mix.

So, the minerals in the cheese will help restore minerals in my body quickly to handle this. I knew that all of that muscle had disappeared and I just had flesh over it because my body needed all the nutrients to make that cast on its own. But within two weeks after the cast had been made, which was by the end of the first week, and then two weeks after that on the third week, the cast started disappearing from the foot and in this area and in this area, and in this area.

It's still here. This is still pretty much hardened cast right here. If you feel this, you can feel softness around. If you feel this, you'll see, it's still hard like a cast around there. The whole leg was like that. So, this is the only area where it's still slightly cast, and I can still move it.


It's amazing how the body helps you.


If you know what to eat, the body is extraordinary to know what to do. So, the pineapple helps bone rebuild. Also, the pineapple with the coconut cream helps dissolve bone tissue if your body needs to do it, it can use it for either way. So, that's how I did it so quickly.

So, I did that every day for two weeks. Then after that, I just mainly ate cheese and honey together and cheese with everything, but mainly cheese and honey to utilize the minerals. So, that's an excellent supplement is cheese and honey together, but the cheese and the honey have to be in the mouth together to make it work.

If you have cheese by itself or another with honey in it, the honey is already absorbed by the other food and utilized with the other food and won't necessarily do much with the cheese. So, the honey and the cheese have to be together in the mouth for you to digest it.

Otherwise, the cheese mainly acts as a sponge to attract heavy metals and other toxic substances out of the nerves, nervous system, the blood stream and the lymphatic system as they weed their way through the digestive tract.

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