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And that's what I used to do before I got into raw foods. As a matter fact, of that was my hobby, cooking. Bt then when I got into raw foods, everything was so tasty compared because when you cook a food, it destroys the taste buds in it, everything that was alive, it breaks it down and goes flat. 

That’s why they add all this salt and all flavorings to everything because once you process and cook the food it's cardboard, tastes like cardboard, there's no flavor. So, of course they have to flavor it to get you to eat it. So, I eat just straight. The only thing I really don't like, and don't like to eat alone without some kind of spice with it is kidney because of the ammonia. 

I hate the taste of ammonia. It just tastes terrible, kidney tastes terrible to me. So, I'll either blend it with a lot of other glandsand those glands are very good. When I was in Nevada city, I had a friend who shot a deer. I butchered it, so I took the brain and I took all the glands and everything and made a big gland shake with all this mixture. I had done a workshop and two days of consults all the way from the morning, eight o'clock in the morning till 11 o'clock at night, and then a few that day, and I was supposed to get some rest, take a nap and go pick up my girlfriend at Reno airport. 

So, that was about an hour and a half, two-hour drive, and it was gonna be in the evening at night and because he shot this deer, I had to butcher it because nobody else knew how to skin and butcher a deer or any animal. None of these people had seen a farm, much less know what to do. So, 

 I butchered this deer and put all the glands in, so I didn't get my nap because I spent three hours skinning and butchering this whole deer and including getting the brain out, which is still pretty fast because your average person wouldn't know how to do. Could take 6 to 12 hours to do it, and I did in three hours. 

Of course I butchered a lot, so I just knew how to go through it, all the parts, butchered  the steaks and everything. Had the entire thing butchered in three hours, every piece of it, every section. So, made that glandular shake. So, I had about a cup and a half the glandular shake. I got so high. Got to the Reno airport, picked up my girlfriend, didn't get to the hotel light till like two o'clock in the morning, and we had sex for three hours and I still didn't wanna go to sleep, but she was really tired.  So, that's what that kind of shake can do for you, really drive the energy up. 

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