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Picture of how it's going. So, I'm getting the frick out of this country. That's why I'm looking for land in Thailand and Cambodia, these places where it's still very primitive. Cambodia's phenomenal. I mean, they're still living in grass huts.  

In the major cities and there's like eight major cities, and even it's pretty primitive there. They're eating raw meat on the streets and everything's got flies on it, they've got no disease.  


They butcher on the street too? 


No, they butcher it and then bring it. They could cut some of the right there in front of you, flies are all over it.  

[Attendee #2] 

Don't you think the real war is here in the United States? 

This is where the battles gonna be won or lost, right?  


In Canada, here and England. Yeah.  

Well, it's gonna be a long process cause I'm gonna build 12 health centers over the planet, but the place where I will probably live is the most primitive. And each one of these locations is gonna have a farm because that's part of the health center. So, it's gonna be completely self-sustaining solar generated everything, so were going to be doing a declaration of independence for each of these little centers. They're going to be like the Indians or like a certain religious sect where we can be completely autonomous. 


But you really want to live there? 


The United States is getting pretty bad.  


No, but you personally must really want to leave? 


Nobody's gonna dictate the kind of health I can have. 






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