Aajonus Gets Holstein Cows

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Deserve to get around there so I can go down fishing anytime I want.


Are there animals like cows?


Yeah. There's a dairy that's a government dairy that was a test dairy that was started, New Zealand funded it. Now they fund it, I get all the milk that they have. They only have two milking cows, but they're they're holsteins, so there's very little fat, very little cream in them.

They're a1 cows not a2 so the milk, even though it's nourishing, it's not as nourishing as I would like. And there are on different islands, like on Samal islands, there's 7,107 islands in the Philippines. I will do a lot of the island hopping to see all of it, but I found a big dairy on Samal Island, which is part Mindanao and they've got a pretty big dairy there and they have jerseys. I I Will either buy it from them or-

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Can you buy a couple cows?


Yeah, I'm gonna buy a couple cows. I just have to put the fence up.


Will you be able to get enough cream in a tropical environment from the cows?


Yeah. When you have a cow in the tropics, the vitamin D in it keeps it a homogonized. So it doesn't separate the same, but I don't need it to separate in the tropics cuz I don't need- if you eat butter there, which I take with me, it causes a lot more perspiration and heat, body heat. I like the heat so it doesn't bother me, but people look at me dripping wet and they say, "Oh my God, are you okay?"

I say, "I love it". If you have the cream and milk, you don't perspire as much. Butter will make you perspire more. So, I wouldn't make butter there. I would just have rich, creamy milk.

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So, people coming in wouldn't be getting butter at the clinic?


No. Well, I would probably import some or somehow make some indefinitely.

I would have to have butter for some sick people. I would find a way.





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