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Back in 1979, 1980, 1981, I got him to eat raw eggs with orange juice and eat olive oil and cheeses along with my mother. So, they did it for about 10 years and didn't do it since. So, getting my father to do it was- cuz I just asked him, I said, I'm only going to ask you this once and I'm only gonna offer once.

Do you want me to help you? I can give you some raw milk. I can make you raw milkshakes, which will help. When I went there, he was white, as white as her top there. And he had four major sores that looked cancerous, but they weren't gonna treat him because he just had a stroke and they weren't gonna take a chance of him having another stroke. So, they weren't gonna treat these cancer like abrasions on his face.

In four days of milkshake, his color was completely back and all four sores had completely cleared. Not even scabs. That's cuz he was raised on raw milk on a farm. He reacts very well quickly to good foods.


So, then that diet is great for a head trauma?


Lots of milkshakes and fish, but there was no way I was gonna get fish into him at that point, but I was able to get milkshakes into him and he drank every bit of it and he liked it.

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