Aajonus Eats How Much Honey Per Day





tupelo honey


I eat my six tablespoons a day, if I eat a pound of meat. If I eat more than a pound of meat, I can eat up to proportionally, whatever I could eat up to a cup a day if I have three pounds of meat a day, by the way.


By the way Aajonus, I ordered two [unclear size] of raw Tupelo


Oh yeah, it's hard to get unheated though.


Totally unheated, raw.


Tupelo is so thick.


Yeah, I Understand. This 90 year old man has been doing it for a long time and it's totally raw.


Tupelo is highest because there's a particular nutrient in the Tupelo flower, in the nectar that even allows the bees to produce more insulin. So, it is even easier for diabetics to eat, it's a slower metabolized.

It's slower and metabolized.


So, if you're eating meat, have a tablespoon of honey every time?

⁠ I do definitely. I always have honey with my meat.

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