Aajonus Did Cocaine









Okay, but the worst thing is a combination, isn't it? When they combine cocaine and PCP, that's when they become suicidal?


Any of it's dangerous.


But cocaine by itself, you don't suicidal.


Not necessarily. There are people who have cocaine that makes 'em suicidal. I tried cocaine one time and I nearly killed a cop and myself, just from one time.

I just had a little bit too, just a little few puffs, just as an experiment, and I got so paranoid and cold. I was just going outta my mind, out of my mind, so then I started sucking eggs and milk, like crazy, and I got out of it. That was in the early 70s.


What do you suggest for the children to not get on Ritalin?


Go on a good diet, they just have to have the dairy. They have to have honey and butter. My son just isn't doing it, he doesn't take the time to do it. He's lazy.

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