Aajonus Detox and Hit By Crowbar

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First, I'm gonna talk about it if everybody sees, I'm a little swollen over here and sagging. Friday night, I started going into a heavy detoxification. I was in Bangkok three years ago in December and I was hit with a crowbar here. They were trying to get my movie camera and they knocked the bone that connected from here to here. All the way back under my tongue.  

So, it took an hour of surgery to pull it back, to wire my jaw, and to wire the teeth back in, they wanted to just cut the bone out. They said it will never heal. The tube of nerves that went to the teeth was severed in two places, and they say that will never reconnect the tooth. The tooth and the, and the bone will rot and it'll kill you because it can go to the brain. 

I said, you don't know me and you don't know my diet. So, if it goes into necrosis, I will have it removed after so many weeks. So, they put it back in place and my teeth are there, and the bones solid. But I accepted Novocain, which is something I don’t do and I accepted it because the pain was so excruciating cause I had to pull the bone all the way from under my tongue and pull it back and work it back in because they had stretched it out of place. So, pulling the jaw apart and putting the bone in was pretty painful, so I allowed them to give me six shots of Novocain. So, the Novocain lodged here in the bone and it started popping out on Friday. 

So, Saturday, this thing was this big, and it's already gone down to this. Now, when I had Novocain in the past, you know, pre-1972, the Novocain, when it would come out, I'd have a detox like this last sometimes for two weeks. 21 days, three weeks. So, this is very quick. 

It was very painful for one day, but I was able- I saw patients yesterday, did a lot of work yesterday, so I'm getting healthier and healthier and healthier, even though I'm turning 60 in two months. 





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