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The day that I left for Nevada city, California. I started getting a detox in this bursa, and I had bursitis as you know, it was mainly in the feet and legs, sometimes in the elbows and wrist. It was the first time I got it here and it was so painful that by the time I drove all the way up to Sacramento. 

That night I had to put the arm in the sling, it was so painful. So, after a few days of this, I would have to sleep in the bathtub. It was so painful because I couldn't lie. It could be in any position. The only place it was comfortable was in a sling like this. If I lie down, the pain was excruciating, no matter which way. 

So, I had to sleep in the bathtub at night. So, I slept six to eight hours a night in the bathtub, and there it was okay. For the rest of the day, I'm still in severe pain, but I went ahead with my eight hours of workshops and my 10 hours a day of seeing patients through that whole thing.  

But on the third day, all of a sudden, I smelled with this penicillin coming out of my armpit and then the mercury coming out of my hand. All of a sudden, my hand one morning turned black and gray from here down and it smelled just like mercury.  

So, I knew right away what it was. When I was 12 years old and had the peritonitis that they misdiagnose as appendicitis. They injected me in this arm, this arm, and these two hips. Now I've gone through the detox on these two hips in this arm, but never this arm. 

I had 11 shots in this arm in three days. They were injecting me with penicillin and other antibiotics and tetanus. They always give you tetanus if you have appendicitis. They knew I didn't have appendicitis, but they gave me tetanus anyway and repeated tetanus. You're only supposed to get one, every six months max. 

So, they shot me up with all this mercury liquid mercury, thimerosal from these injections. So, then I realized what it was. That the antibiotics that they injected in me at 12 years old was finally discharging and it buried himself in the bursa. So, my hand was black and my arm smelled like penicillin and other molds. 

I couldn't lift my arm this high for about three weeks, and then I went down to Costa Rica, and it was finally better because humidity is better for that kind of thing. Get moisture in your body. Can utilize the nutrients better than building all the mucus just for the dryness. 

So, all of a sudden, two days ago, where I was injected all those times. There it is.  

All of a sudden popped up two days ago and you can see that five of the holes, six of the holes where they stabbed me and scabs. 

Yeah, after so many years. Like I said, it takes 40 years to get health optimal.  

You smell mercury. Did you ever play with mercury? It a heavy metal that almost makes your mouth turn alimony. Have you ever had an unripe banana? That's an alimony taste. 

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