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What are you going to do with your clinic? You talk about this clinic several times. What are they going to do there?  


I will mainly have locals, at least 50% of the clientele will be local that don't pay, that just work part of the land in exchange for my help. 

And we will grow all the foods, all herbs, everything that the people will use to get well.  

So, let's say people have cancer and they wanna go to someplace other than Hippocrates that starves them to death. They'll be able to go to a place where they can get nourished and get stronger and healthier.  


So, you will raise the cow? 


Everything. I've already made a deal with the government in Palawan Island. They have a dairy experimental farm and it's going under because Filipinos aren't used to milk, so I'm buying their cows and their milking machine and there's the portable ones attach on it, hook up. It isn't like a big tank or anything.  

So, I'm getting three cows that are imported from New Zealand and I'll start with that. I'm putting it all together, hopefully in July or August, one of the other, l'll put it all together and have everything finalized.  

[Attendee #2] 

The island that you found that had the indigenous people? 


No, no, no. 

That was almost 2000 miles away. Oh. The reason I chose Palawan Island because all the other islands are in the volcano district. You've got the Ring of Fire, it goes all the way from Japan, all the way down to the the lowest island, South Island of the Philippines. 

There are 47 volcanoes in the Philippines. And they're like this. If you look at the map, you've got Manila with the big island, Luong here and then you've got all these other bigger islands spread all the way down till you get to Menal, the biggest island. And then over here you've got Palawan Island, which is a very long island. 

Now all of these islands are in that big crevice that's 20 times the size of the Grand Canyon and all these volcanoes underneath it. So, if that goes off, Japan, all of that's going under. But Palawan is an island that's on the shallowest sea floor of anywhere, only that island.  


Won't you get like tidal waves from that? 


No, because I'll be 1900 feet up in the mountains, they're selling me the mountain top. That's why I'm up there. 

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