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mad cow disease



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Do you know anything about mad cow disease? Do you know anything about what would happen if someone ate those cows?


I ate mad cow meat. From 1993 to 1996, I went to Paris frequently and stayed a month at a time, about three months a year. On the last trip my girlfriend said, "If you're not gonna marry me we're over". So, we were over *laughs*.

But when I was there, I was eating meat out of Carrefour supermarket. On the flight home, I pick up a magazine and it said Carrefour supermarkets had been selling mad cow meat from England for that entire 3 years that I was eating it, and I wasn't affected

You've got to eat the brain and nervous system and mainly that mad cow disease is coming from dewormers. The chemicals that are put along the spinal cord on the back of the animal. It's a dewormer and there's heavy metals and it goes in poisons the spinal cord, goes to the brain and makes mush of it.

So, if you're not eating the brain in spinal cord, you're really not going to get any kind of that metal poisoning, unless you're getting lots of vaccines. You're getting lots of vaccines, those could go to the brain and create the melting of the brain, which they would call, call CJG which is mad human disease.

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