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Okay, first we'll start by talking about my accident. 

There are no accidents. 

Let me start with with what I think caused the accident of course, calling to myself. 

Last summer I was working on the 3rd book, the Detox book and I'm saying to myself, I've had no serious accidents since have been on this diet. 

I've only handled people with accidents. 

I really don't know what to do. 


Me, me, me! *laughs*


'cause I didn't know how to handle the doctors.

I didn't know what'd happen if I went unconscious, always saying and I got everything I had a question with.

So what happened was, I was on in [unclear] Thailand, which is a very small farm town. 

They have no chemical agriculture anywhere within 90 miles that I've seen, and the right on the Thailand, Cambodia and Laos borders, right there, they were all connected right there, and these two men that came out of nowhere. 

That are high in politics and everything in this town are trying to get me to build my Health Center there and they're offering me 300 rye, which is 120 acres.

And it's on a river lake and it's got everything you know so they took me out after they showed me this property. 

And you know. 

We went to a karaoke bar, everybody drank, but me.

They got smashed, but we were so close to the hotel, so I wasn't worried and they weren't-

You know, the guy was just driving slowly

I mean, we're going about 25 miles an hour. It's like a 35 mile an hour zone. 

And everybody is talking, having fun. 

There's driver and empty passenger seat in there. 

The monk- and the monk was drunk too.

Another passenger and then my real estate broker, which I called my girlfriend. 

She's a friend who is a girl and she was sitting to the left of me. 

We're in a RV and I'm in the third seat with her, but I've got the harness. 

You know, the seat belt harness across this way.

All of a sudden, everybody's talking and I'm looking at [unclear] replay at 1:15 in the morning and I was looking around and I see this car coming with no lights. About 50 miles an hour. 

Hit us and you as soon as he came to the impact I lost consciousness because the harness didn't keep me in because it was on this shoulder and we got hit on this side, so I flew this way. 

And my head in the window past her 'cause she was leaning forward, otherwise I woulda smashed her. 

And I wouldn't have been hurt as badly, but she'd had been killed. 

But I went over here. 

My head went through the window and caused a concussion. 

I've got an indent in my skull there, so that broke the skull and in fact a piece of glass came out yesterday. 

Didn't even know it was in there.

I woke up and said what's this?

It had been completely buried because I didn't feel it.

And my shoulder hit the molding- side molding and broke the clavicle and the shoulder blade and the colar bone.

And the clavicle when it broke went through my neck muscle and bounced back.

And then I was I was out. 

I felt all that without pain. 

And then when I woke up, the cars upside- the RV's upside down. And that RV is his. We flipped over a couple of times. 

And when I woke about 40 minutes later they're prying the doors open. 

And I'm barely coming to. 

I'm hearing all this going on and they're smashing the other window for Ria.

And the girl friendwas on top of me and her feet, I guess, broke my rib. 

I've got two broken ribs here.

When we flipped over a few times, so she's in pretty bad shape, she has serious brain damage. 

She lost her vision. 


Oh noo!


She could get it back can't she?


Don't know she's not on the diet.


Does she still have a personality? Is she still who she is?


Yeah, she's still there. 

She's not bubbly and happy, that's for sure.

But you know, she did something that I thought was rather ridiculous. 

You know, after the accident, we went to the hospital. 

And you know, I- they were starting to break everything in the car to get me out 'cause I'm way in the back. 

And they were able to pull her out the door that opened about this much. 

So, they started to break all these other, you know windows and I'm getting glass across the eyes and face, so I screamed at them to stop. 

And then I worked my way in with this shoulder, excruciating pain out to the door and then I tried to stand up. 

And in all this time, my vision is not-, and seeing, I'm not seeing and seeing all these things that aren't there. 

And you know my vision was just crazy for a while and when I got out of the you know-, when I went to stand up with the vehicle. 

It's immediate collapse, so they grabbed me. 

Put me on the stretcher, strap me in and took me to the hospital so. 

In the hospital I said, "I've got to come to", you know I got to really stay in tune. 

Keep them from doing anything to me.

So, they put me in a wheelchair. 

After I got off the gurney to have X rays done, I told the guy you have two shots.

I told him in thai, you have two shots to take, that's all you get. 2 shots in the x-ray, that's it.

So he took two shots that showed the broken bones, but nothing was dislocated. 

So I didn't have to do any- 

They want to put a cast on this, I said I don't need a cast. 

Because the body- when you don't have a cast, the body. will build its own its own cast. 

It builds like you can see a tumor here. 

It's as hard as a rock and it sealed it right where the break was. 

And as it gets well, that bone growth goes back into the center of the bone and seals at heart. 

So that's how the body does it naturally by going into a cast.

You have to be more careful, so you don't dislocated it. 

So, I had to sleep on my right side for a few days and I took very thin slices of steak. 

And you know, wrapped up here on my neck and around here so I slept for two days with steaks.

Here like a boxer does, but let me tell you. I was in excruciating pain and I put a steak on it and within 10 minutes the pain was gone.

I'd take the steak off or I'd fall asleep and it would fall off. I'd wake up in excruciating pain. 

And I'd put a steak on and within 20 minutes the pain would go.


And how does that work?


Don't know, just does.


How did you discover that?


Well, no. It's from the boxers. 

Boxers used to put real steak on their injuries. 


Your skull is better now?


Yeah, I mean well, I had a huge bruise here and the ear was broken. All the cartilage was crushed and it's still just a little sore right here and then. I've got a huge indent right here. It's probably 2 1/2 inches, by about 3/4 of an inch. 

[Attendee #2]

What did you say your girlfriend did that was stupid? 


Oh, the next morning, you know. 

We probably got to the hotel about 2:30 and we were sharing the same room she had one bed and I had another bed, and I heard her 6:00 o'clock in the morning she's going to get on the plane 'cause she lives in Chiang Mai.

Which is 700 miles from where we were. She had flown into Bangkok and into where we were and I flown from Cambodia to Bangkok to where we are to look at that property and she did not want to be stuck in a foreign town for her. So she got on a plane. You do not get on a plane when you have concussion because the brain expands, when it causes pressure, so that probably caused more brain damage. 

She flew to Bangkok and Bangkok to Chiang Mai.


She couldn't stay there for awhile?


She should have, you know, but she left. 


Did you tell herthat? 


Of course I told her, so did the doctor. 

[Attendee #2]

That's not smart...


And then she wanted to see me before I left. 

So she flies back from Chiang Mai to see me. 

and then has to fly back to Chian Mai again.

You know she just kept getting worse every time she got on the plane.

Not not a smart thing to do, some people don't listen. 


Going on the diet would change how your feeling?



[Attendee #2]

So, is it difficult when you tell the doctors only taking this X ray. 


Oh , they did.

[Attendee #2]

I'm sure they reacted pretty crazy?


Yeah, they reacted pretty crazy and they. 

[Attendee #2]

They don't say in his head hes not feeling right and try to [unclear] you?


You know, I wouldn't let them touch my head.

I didn't want them to know that I had a concussion. 

So I had to be cleared by the time we got into the hospital room, you know? 

So we were in the emergency room, I forced myself to think clearly, to stay focused and I would only allow myself to drift in and out and get vision problems when I wasn't talking with the doctor. 

And first what they do is, they went to everybody, "where were you hurt?". 

So they look at everything that hurts and then they'll search other places. 

If you let them.

I said I'm not hurt anywhere. 


*laughs intensely*


Here, here, here, but this is just bruise

You know how this got broken out?

Like I said, I don't know I was unconscious. 


Did you say how long it's gonna take?


How long what?


For the pain to go away.


I don't know completely. 

But, mainly the pain is if I lift this arm, or if I lift it at all, I couldn't move it. 

For the first week and I had to sleep on my right side for the first two days I couldn't sleep on my back or stomach. 

And then by the third day after a day and a half I was strong enough to get to Bangkok up with my partners and other people I knew who knew my diet at the new house. 

To get food and feed me, they did fine, those people knew and I told them what I needed. 

They got me very, you know, freshest meat, was butchered within hours and you know like 2 hours an hour and a half. 

Sliced it very thinly for me. 

One of the high wives did that.

Mixed my honey and butter because I had honey and butter with me.

And they brought me some unripe bananas, so that's all I ate, with better honey and bananas and the butter and the honey with the meat.

And I was well about 36 hours to get on a plane and get back to Bangkok and then I spent the three days. 

In the bed mainly there, I walked, you know a few blocks a day to go to a massage place and they do Thai massage like $8.00 for two hours. 

But I had them do it "Bow Bow", means very softly and gently. 

Otherwise they do it pretty tough, pretty strong.

"Bow Bow, Bow Bow!"


*laughs loudly*


They were really digging in. Makes them go softly.

And then I met a new girlfriend.

Pretty hot and heavy. 

The last two days were heavily into sex even though I was doing. I wasn't doing too badly *laughs*




Got on a plane.

Stuck in the plane, broke down in Japan, so I got stuck in Japan for 14 hours at the airport, but they have these, they have a lounge, their executive lounge with these benches. 

Pretty solid and comfortable, so that was easy.

But you know, since the accident.

They wheelchaired me into the airports, onto the plane and then from the plane where they pick up my luggage and the whole thing. 

So that's how I returned so, I didn't have to lift anything 'cause there's no way I could lift anything.





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