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ALS is a degenerative disease of the nerves and connective tissue. It slowed down the ALS tremendously. So, I haven't been able to stop it yet fully.


How many years did it add on?


One, probably 7 years. One is still going, he's probably doing it 5 years, 4.5 years.

So, they should have been dead a long time ago. One fellow came to me from Singapore when I was doing lectures in patients there, and he was so far gone. He was in a wheelchair, but he lasted another two years and they expected him to go within a month. So, it did give him another two years with his family and he was very grateful for that.

Not an easy one, but I have some new ideas about it, so we can talk another time about that.

Do you have a question?

[Attendee #2]

Yes, it's a dental question. Is there a way to regenerate or repair dental enamel?


Yes, bone marrow, eating bone marrow, applying it to the teeth and that formula.

Now, because of the radiation that I had that deteriorated the bones, I had to go many, many, many years of course, experiment with the diet. I didn't come up with this diet overnight. I started eating the raw meat in September 76, still heavy fruit, was only eating meat two, three times a week. Three meals a week of meat, two to three meals a week, and then in December of 82, I started eating meat on a daily basis, then in the late eighties I started reducing fruit and by the late nineties, I started eliminating almost all fruit that was very sweet or ripe, and so all of those changes brought about different.

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