9 Out of 10 People Die From Too Thin

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Cancer is something that everybody will have at least five times in their life. You just hope it's never diagnosed. 

Because once it's diagnosed, the doctors will scare you so bad you can shit in your pants and you'll run to be poisoned. I see it in 95% of all the cancer cases, they run to the doctors. The doctors convinced them that this is the only way out. It is the only way out all right, and it is the quickest way out. 

If you look at Dr. Harmon B Jones's work at Berkeley, he found that people who did not get surgery, did not get any kind of therapy, lived in average of 12 and a half years after diagnosis.  

Those people who had surgery or any other therapies lived in average of three years after diagnosis. 

So, the medical profession is lying to you. Lying to you every time they say, “Oh, we'll extend your life.” You're gonna shorten it by four times. One fourth of your life, you'll shorten it that much.  

There's some people who are going to die of cancer. Now on my diet, 95% of the people live beyond five years and longer. 

It's just that the medical profession says that they cured you if you lived five years. If on the five years and one day you got a new case, that's the way they that's the way they calculate it so that they can look good.  

However, 17% make it beyond 6 years after medical treatment. 17% make it beyond 6 years. 

That's a terrible average. On this diet, people make it by 95%. Still 5% people are going to die, and out of those 5% that have died on my diet, which is probably a total of about 58 people of cancer out of about somewhere around 500 now. So, that's really only 1%.  

So, those people have a much better chance, and 9 out of 10 people who died on this diet were too thin. So, when they went into the detoxification of the tumors, they couldn't handle all that dissolved tissue. So, they started have vomiting and having diarrhea and not able to gain weight and they wasted away. So, they wasted away.  





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