5 Hours Without Eating

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It's seven years?


Yeah. After seven years they've regenerated, but they haven't regenerated to be really healthy. Because your body is always eating itself and always detoxifying.

So, all these poisons are transitioning through your lymph, your neurological system and your blood.

All of your cells are affected. Your new cells are affected by these poisons always being released. And if you go five hours without eating your body starts eating itself. Started eating these old dead cells and your body starts forming nutrients out of this dead garbage. No one should go five hours without eating. Set an alarm for five hours, get up, eat something, go right back to sleep.


Even in the middle of the night?


Even in the middle of the night. A lot of people will wake up, feel exhausted. You know, say, oh my God, why am I so tired? I had eight hours sleep. 99% of the time it's because your body is eating itself, become cannibalistic. And those cells are very toxic. And the peoples say, when they start setting alarm, get up, eat, drink a little milkshake or pop a couple of raw eggs.

They go back to sleep, they wake up two or three hours later, energized. And they don't have that depressed feeling anymore, where they felt like they slept well, but don't feel well. So, mainly it's because your body's eating itself. Okay. Any more questions? Pardon?

Oh yeah. Easily. Just remember that your body is eating raw food. You never have to worry about lacking enzymes and vitamins for digestion. It's all present in the food. So your liver and your pancreas don't make these enzymes to leach enzymes and vitamins and minerals and proteins and carbs from every cell in the body, it's all handled right there with the food.

So, you can eat as much as you want and go to sleep full condition. I mean, I've eaten two plates of food and gone to sleep fine. And I've heard of vagotomy. So, you know what? I don't have hydrochloric acid in my stomach to help digestion and I never had a problem.

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Some people when they fast...

Yeah. You're going to detox too. You're going to detox, but you're also eating your body and your body's going to feed off of that toxicity. So you're not going to get much better. You're going to be thinner, and you're going to be lighter weight, but you're not going to be a strong and healthy.





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