40 Years To Clean Out The Body - Detox Pain


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Three and a half years on program, and I'm a point now where all the things that are toxic are starting to leave, and my left hand has been one barometer I use to determine how effective the program was. I'm now starting to get pain of all the toxins that I had before I started the program, all this stuff's coming back and it's going away. I had this area right here, it got dehydrated and it turned into the leather , for about three weeks, and now I feel the pain there. It's starting to rehydrated, and so all this whole hand is start transform itself.


Well, it takes 40 years to clean all the cells out of the body, toxicity out of the body, 40 years according to Howell's and Pottenger's work. Took five generations to get to healthy, five generations of cells is 7 - 7.5 years for the entire body's cells, especially the bones.

So, five times that's about 37.5 years. So, it takes about 40 years for us to clean out completely if we're 100%.

Well, I've got another 16 years to go.

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What happens? You become or younger or more healthy?


Well, every day I get healthier. It's just, it's gonna take that long for me to have all the toxins out my system, and you can still see the mercury from this incision and the injections still coming out.

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