40 Years To Clean Out The Body







Like I said the Recipe Book, it takes 40 years to clean out the body. It took 20 to 21 years to build your body, to come to full maturation. Then your growth hormones reduced to a minimum, unless you eat lots of meat and then you can keep them going your whole life. Raw meat, if you don't you won't do it. 

It takes just as long to tear the body down and rebuild it.  

So, it takes you 21 years to disassemble it and 20 years to rebuild it. 

So, you're doing it all the time, so it's weaving in and out. So, it takes 40 years according to Howell and his work with rats and Pottenger and his work with cats. 

It was the same way; they took very diseased animals, and it took them five generations before they became optimal. 

For us, five generations that takes 7 to 7.5 years to regenerate every cell in the body one time. Five times that, it's about forty years, and I've still got 18 years to go, but I'm already satisfied. 35 years ago, I was a worm on the floor, severe pain constantly and I couldn't sleep unless I was in a bath. 

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