Toxins Go Into Bone Marrow, Hands and Feet


bone marrow








The fungus is an important part of breaking down toxic substances, but they mainly come from antibiotics, and most of those antibiotics store in the hands, feet, joints, and the bone marrow.  

So, let's say it starts causing some deterioration in the cartilage or in the bone or the bone marrow. 

The body throws it off and where's it throw it off? 

Builds it into the nails and out the cuticles.  

He had fungus all over and cracking. 

Gangrene is a fungus. 

And in the book, I talk about when I'm talking with my son, we're working and that mold’s coming out of my tongue. What I found out it was penicillin coming out and I hadn't had penicillin for 20 years before that point. 

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