Algae and Plankton - Why Fish Have Mercury


You have to understand that plankton and algae, they're plants, they eat rock. So, whatever's in the rock, they eat it and make it something good and we could eat them and do fine cuz planktons a cross between a fish and a plant, so they can handle it.


Diet Mostly of Raw Fish - Fish Is Fatty


Fish are full of fat, high fat. Almost all fish, there is some that are leaner.


Farmed Fish

And worse yet, the ones up in the Vancouver area in Seattle now for salmon farming, if they're done in the wild estuaries and whatnot, they're contaminating the wild caught salmon out there. 


Farmed Fish, Oysters, What To Eat


No, I don't like salmon too much because it's too much from lakes and they've set a lot of genetically modified salmon loose and they're crossbreeding now.


Farmed Oysters


That's where they came from. They said they were farm raised.


Farmed Salmon and Freezing Fish


Well, how about the frozen fish? [Aajonus]The frozen, like I've said in the workshops before, in my laboratory experiments with animals, if I fed them frozen meat, they all got skin disorders and that's the only thing I fed them, the animals that ate the same meat, unfrozen got no skin disorders and they were fine. So, there is a breakdown with freezing.


Fish Aajonus Eats


[Aajonus]No.I stopped eating salmon two years ago cuz every time I ate it I got sick and they're lying like a rug. The salmon industry with Monsanto and they're GMO genetically modified fish. They released it over 15 years ago to the wild. Every time I eat salmon, even if it's from good waters, I get sick, so I stopped eating it about three years ago.


Fish Swims Up Penis

[Attendee]What country?[Aajonus]South America. Jungles, Amazon.


Gulf Is Polluted, Aajonus Property, Stem Cell Company, Spas


Oh yeah. We'll have cattle, we'll have dairy, we'll have everything. The farm that my grandparents had was only 50 acres of growing and barns and we about 40 Jersey cow, which supplied all the milk from just about 10 miles west of Chicago all the way to Peoria. It supplied all the milk for all the towns round all through the early 1900s, late 1800s. And plus that was 40 acres of corn that we grew to feed the horses cause they Clydesdale horses to pull the wagons to deliver the milk.


Living On Fish - Need More Fat, A1 Milk not As Good


But I mean clearly there's plenty of Holstein cows in the states that people have consumed raw milk on and improved their health.


Mercury In Fish


[Attendee]But you once said that eating the raw too actually pulls the mercury out of your body.


Mountain Lake and Spring Fish, Catifsh - Cheese and Clay With Milk Often


[Fred]No industrial or anything like that, eat you eat it?


Ocean Is Toxic

[2006][Aajonus]Well, like I said, in The Recipe for Living Without Disease, the ocean is 4% toxic, overall, 8%, 8% if you're within a half a mile of a shoreline, unless you're in Japan, and then it's up to 15% waste products within a half a mile of the waterline, the shoreline. So. it all depends on where your fish comes from. I prefer ocean fish; your fresh water lake fish is 35% polluted minimum. So, I won't eat anything wild caught from even a river, ocean wild caught deep sea is what I go for, even though the tuna and the swordfish are high in mercury. I'd still prefer those over the PCBs and everything else that's in the fish that's closer to the shore. 


Only Ocean Caught Fish

You said that you could eat any kind of fish that was raw, but I'm not sure-


Oysters Live On Sea Water Only

[Kathy]No, what I'm saying is when it drips. [Aajonus]


Oysters To Detox Iodine


[Attendee]And same for Alicia too? [Aajonus]Probably hers will be okay in 30 days. She just has a spot of it here in her brain. You've got this iodine all over. The only place you don't have much is in this area right here. This area hit a little in the right side of your back, otherwise you're just coated with iodine.


Oysters, Scallops, Clams, Liquid In Oysters


[Attendee]And what about scallops? [Aajonus]Scallops? I haven't tested scallops, so I don't really know.


Parkinson's - White Meat With lube Formula

Thai Chi also?[Aajonus]Yeah. That's fine. [Attendee]


Pollution of Fresh Water Fish

Where most of the ocean is polluted is near the shore. 


Stroke and High Blood Pressure - Fish and Chicken

[Aajonus]Your oxygen isn't what causes nerve damage. It's got nothing to do with it. Oxygen just means that you transmit and relay certain kinds of information in and out of the nervous system, because the oxygen just doesn't get into the muscles. 


Sushi Bars

All of them get it fresh overnight.However, I ate at a sushi bar twice last year and got sick both times because they were using MSG on them and I got MSG poisoning twice. So, I stopped going to sushi bars.


Swordfish - Aajonus's Favorite Fish

[Attendee]Swordfish is okay?[Aajonus]Yeah, it's still my favorite.


Women Ate 128 Oysters


I said, "You can eat as many as you want, long as you don't get a headache in the morning, you know, you don't wanna get horny in the restaurant and arrest your boyfriend".

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