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4 Cups Of Vege Juice For Alkaline Blood

[2005][Aajonus]No only the blood has to be alkaline that's why you have 4 cups of vegetable juice a day that takes care of it, and I explain that in the recipe book.


Aajonus Has One Cup of Vege Juice Per Day

[2006]You may have one juice a day. I've been eating raw foods since February of 1972. If I have more than one juice a day I don’t digest well, unless I'm going through a very acidic time where my skin's burning or something like that during a detoxication, then I could have more juice. And before I could have four cups a day. It was fine for 20 years, but after 20 years I had to cut it down a cup, then another five years, another cup and down to now, 28 years on eating meat on a daily basis, I'm down to one cup a day. Sometimes two, but mainly one.  


Acidic Vs Alkaline Blood - Irritability


[Aajonus]Yeah, that's fine. That's not an issue at all. A lot of people do become irritable. Some people like being irritable, they feel it makes them aggressive.


Algae, Chlorella

[Aajonus]Like heavy metal poisoning in the body, Mix it with vegetable juice. Don't have algae by itself or with water. You have it in vegetable juice. Just remember, it's dry. 


Beet Juice For Kidney and Digestive Problems

[Aajonus] That it does help the liver, it helps the kidneys it helps anything that- whatever we need.. solvents made. Beet juice helps because beet juice has has a natural hiydrochloric acid. Umm.. Materialization complex within it. [Attendee] How often would you recommend having beet juice, is a couple of ounces enough?[Aajonus] I don't think that anybody needs it unless they have a kidney problem or a digestive problem. But if you're gonna have it... you know just to make sure, then maybe once a month. 4 ounces a month, 2 ounces at a time.[Attendee] I put some gerolsteiner in mine, I don't drink it straight.


Best Juicer

The green star has a screen that's about this big, the Green Power has ones this big and the gears are about of 3/4 of an inch longer. 


Best Vegetable To Juice (Carrot, Celery)


So, to get away from that, I like to use celery because celery doesn't have enough carbohydrates to digest celery, so it's a negative. So, you use maybe a little bit more. Let's say you're using 35% carrot and 25% celery. That's a good balance right there.  


Cabbage Juice For Blood Clots and Vegetarian Stopped Diet, Died

[Aajonus] I don't know.[Attendee] In your experience, is there people that are too far gone to be helped by following the diet?


Cabbage Juice To Help Blood Clot

Also, to help you know the blood clotting a little bit so you don't rupture so many blood cells, you can drink a half a cup of green vegetable juice about every two days.



[2005][Aajonus]I like the celery because it isn't extreme and it keeps the salt level. So, it's like a constant IV sodium level in the body. It helps stimulate the adrenals and everybody needs some adrenaline, keep active and a lot of people who've been eating cooked foods for so long, have had lots of salt storages in their body and the high celery content helps detoxify that.


Celery and Carrot Juice

[Attendee]He’s got turnips and beets. [Aajonus]You just use a small amount of those if you're gonna use them. No more than 10% of your juice. If it's something strong, like leaks, cilantro, kale, any of those are really hot and strong. You want to use no more than 5% of your juice.  


Celery Juice Should Contain Carrot


So, you need to add carrot to the juice, so you'll have more carbs to give you a little bit more energy.


Cheese With Vegetable Juice Bad

[Attendee]Oh, okay. Oh, so would that be preferable over buying the juice evolution if I can have fresh made? It's not organic either. 


Cucumber Puree Is Important To Chew - Oil Pulling


Chemicals out of your gums and salivary gland. [Attendee]


Don't Drink Vegetable Juice At Night

[Attendee #2]In the middle of the night, take a milkshake.


Fermented Vegetable Juice

When I drank fermented vegetable juice and it was only about what, a couple days too old, I still got diarrhea. 


Grass is Acidic, Only 5 Percent of Certain Herbs


[Attendee]What do you mean chemical changing? What does it change?


Headaches From Meat - Vegetable Juice

Your blood's getting very acid and you need to eat more green juice. How much do you drink in a day?  


Heart Palpitations From Vege Juice


[Aajonus]Well, if the cream is not doing it, it's the protein you're missing in it, so you have to add the egg.


How Long Vegetable Juice Lasts


[Aajonus]Well, lime will help it last a little bit longer, lemon wont, lemon is a fermenter, too. Lime juice will help it last, so will honey, but lemon will help it ferment quicker. Remember, lemon is a fermentation fruit fluid, lime is a bacteria damager, it stops fermentation.


How Long Without Vegetable Juice

So, acids still refluxes into my mouth. For me, I still have to have juices frequently.


How To Avoid Coffee - Use Vegetable Juice


When you have those enzymes from your fresh juice going into the system, especially if has a little bit of honey in it, it wakes the appetite, alkanalizes the blood and that's the best way to do it.


Juicing Carrots and Bile


You talked about beet juice?[Aajonus] Well, the beet juice is high in sugar, that alone could cause a carbohydrate detoxification, old toxic glycogen cause we store a lot of toxic glycogen in our bodies if we can't convert it properly because we don't make the proper insulin. It's not like the chemical insulin, like the pharmaceutical house has used, but it still will cause emotional and physical imbalances in sugar levels.


Kale Juice


[David]What about if you just want to add minerals to your body? How's it for that?


Minerals From Vegetable Juice and Cheese

For any purpose because it's bioactive. Minerals from cheese cannot be utilized that way because once it's dried and cultured, it is a good detoxifier. It absorbs, but it really can't be absorbed into the cells easily because it's no longer a bio-actively electrolyte bound. 


Minerals In Vegetable Juice

[2003][Aajonus]You're always gonna keep up with that loss. And the vegetable juice is your vitamin, enzymes and mineral supplement. All bioactive, all very utilizable and let me tell you, four glasses a day fat exceeds the mineral concentration that your body could even use in one day, unless you were an athletes, working out 5, 8 hours a day.Those people I have taking 16 ounces of juice at a time, 4 to 5 times a day. Sometimes a quart at a time if you're six foot something tall.


Mixing Vege Juice With Animal Products

[2003]We cannot mix green vegetable juice with any other animal product except for cream or butter or coconut cream.


Over Acidic Blood


[Attendee]Like eat just fruit by itself or in the mixture with cow cream and coconut?



Depends upon where it's grown.The thing that's highest in zinc is zucchini. No matter what soil it's grown, that's why I use the zucchini to help pull out toxic metals.


Recommended Juicers - Oxygen Destroys Nutrients

We got Norwalk.[Aajonus]Well, Norwalk's have two processes and they're $2,600, something like that.


Should Children Under 16 Drink Vegetable Juice?

But other than that.Yeah, I mean if the child is eating cooked foods.


Summer Squash - Vegetable Juice

She asked if there was any time that the winter squashes would be good to eat.


Tea Is A Poor Mans Food - Wealthy Had Juice


[2005][Aajonus]Tea is a poor man's remedy, the pharaohs and all the dynasties, they had fresh juice as their medicine. The poor people, the lackies out in the fields, they had to boil theirs. They had nobody to crush and juice their vegetables, and it wasn't a healthy way to do it.


Vege Juice - How Much and When

That's the best way to do it. I only drank one cup of vegetable juice a day.


Vegetable juice Only 5 Percent Herbs

[Attendee]So is there a way to find out what they're for?


Vegetable Juice Recipe


What about the sugar? Cause also when I cut down on the honey and you know, cuz my body before used to crave a ton of sugar, and so I just didn't know if it was carrot because that's supposed to be higher in sugar.


Vegetable Juice With Egg

[Attendee]It will cause weight gain?Aajonus]No, it'll just stabilize it. It's very difficult to gain weight on eggs. Cooked eggs you can gain weight quickly.


Vegetable Juice, Weight Loss, Meat Burns Fat

So, in other words, if you get a golf ball sized meat stroganoff, it counts as a golf ball sized. So, the mushrooms and all that stuff is okay? 


Vegetable Juices - Sugar

[Attendee]OK, so green juices will be- [Aajonus]Correct, then there's no, there's no high carb problem.


What Percent Of Vege Juice Is Green - Functions of Juice


Beet juice, when women drink beet juice and it's near their period, they bleed excessively, red cabbage juice will do the same thing, cause severe bleeding, will also also cause ulcerations. The green cabbage will do just the reverse, will slow the flow of the menses and heal ulcerations and stop bleeding.


Wheat Grass Acidic In Digestive Tract and Alkaline In Blood


[Aajonus]Yes, I did. In the first book. I say that wheatgrass juice, unlike any other vegetable that is green and produces chlorophyl, is


Wheat Grass Juice


[Aajonus]The wheatgrass juice causes alkalinity in the digestive tract and acidity in the blood. Just the opposite of why we're drinking vegetable juice. It takes an herbivore to break down wheatgrass juice, any grasses, any grass it takes an herbivore to break it down properly. They need acidity in their blood. They need alkalinity in their intestinal tract.


When To Drink Cabbage Juice - Don't Mix With Celery

[Aajonus]It should be either morning or night. [Attendee #2]


Zinc In Zuchini

Yeah, but most people need the zinc for the thyroid and the brain. The only people who are going around with wood, and no brains at all.

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