Coconut Oil For Sunblock

[2006][Aajonus]I think it's a good thing. I always prefer using something that's whole, rather than an isolated something. However, if I use the coconut cream when I'm using a sunblock, it doesn't work as well, but if I use the coconut oil, it's a great sunblock.


Fat Deficiency Causing Irritability From Sun

[Attendee]But you're still advocating sun even though... 


Freckles and Sun Spots Help You Absorb Vitamin D


From the sun?[Aajonus]They're not from the sun. What it is is it's a form of endometriosis. You had glandular cells that no longer can produce hormones, there's still live cells that act as skin cells. The body takes them out of the gland and sends it into the skin and then when you get sunshine, those cells, because they're higher in fat can absorb the sun's rays and allow you to absorb a lot more vitamin D.


Go To Tropical Environment For Healing

[2006]Of course, whenever I have somebody who has MS or lupus, just the opposite of what the medical profession says. They say, keep them cool. I send them to a tropical environment, because cells will reproduce faster if they're eating a proper diet. So, the more sleep you get the more cellular division, more healing you will do. The body's warm, especially with all the sunlight.Turns oils in the skin, the fats in the skin into vitamin D, which helps you assimilate minerals and it helps make bone and other tissue and structures.


Heal Faster Where It's Warmer


[2008][Aajonus]Going to be on the equator. So, anywhere around here, if you like the tropics, remember where it's warmer, you always heal faster, get healthier. You don't have to eat as much meat also.


Sun and Aging - Need Raw Fat

[Aajonus]Well, sun and aging again, is if you don't have the fats on the skin, you're going to age. Otherwise the sun causes you to stay younger, cuz it helps you your cellular division.


Sun Can Burn Retina

[2003][Aajonus]But if your eyes are too sensitive, you can burn your retina. So, some people have to have sunglasses, but it's best to have them away from your eyes, so little bits of sunlight can pass through.


Sun Is Important and How Much

So, that's what you can do to wake it up, so you can handle the sun better. However, you still have pore absorption of the fats, so he still may have to be able to be out in the sun for a couple of hours, beyond that he may need covered.  


Sun Radiation Doesn't Cause Damage - Cell Phones

Well, when I put the meter up to it, it's about probably 9 inches from the cell phone, but the problem is that radiation affects the nerve tissue, it doesn't seem to affect other tissues.  


Sunbathing and Coconut Oil


It feels very hot.[Aajonus]Because you got metals, like you have a car, you go out and touch a car with a dark paint job, it's gonna be really hot. If it's a light colored car, it's not gonna be as hot. And when you've got heavy metals coming out: lead, mercury, any of those, they absorb the sun and they become very hot.



[Aajonus]Well, I can't say that it's any good. I can't say that it's beneficial and I can't say it's not beneficial.


Sunglasses and Vitamin D - Sun Is Okay With Good Fats


No. Well, as long as you have good fats in the body, the sun causes the oils, the fats in the skin to transform into vitamin D, including the cornea and in the retina. So, it aids the body, but if you don't have good fats, let's say you're full of vegetable oils and you don't have any good animal fats in the body.


Sunlight On The Eyes - Absorb Vitamin D Into The Brain


Sunlight in the eye itself and is there a health benefit to that? Does it matter whether you wear shades all the time or should you get sun?


Vitamin D Deficiency - Sun Removes Poisons

Okay. I don't burn very often at all. I don't, I'm finding some with the marks on my face or I had this thing that started a red mark on my forehead after being in the sun. 

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