Heavy Metals


Berries For Metals

[Kathy]You use the sports formula with coconut cream and blend it with some raspberries?


Cheese and Milk For Heavy Metals - Hair mineral Analysis

What's bloodwork gonna tell you?Bloodwork is not what's happening in the skin.


Cilantro 5 Percent Causes Metal Detox

I use cilantro.[Aajonus]Cilantro causes heavy metal detox, so don't use more than 5% or your juice. Well, it creeps up on you and when it gets you. It's not easy to get out of the metal detox.


Colloidal Silver


All of your symptoms go away. All of your other symptoms go away, so you think you're well but you're not.


Dry Scalp, Gray Hair From Aluminum


Almost all gray hair as a result of high aluminum.


Heavy Metals In Sperm

So, heavy metals in the sperm will probably affect pregnancy too?


How To Get Rid Of Heavy Metals

Well, there are different things I recommend.-Coconut cream-Cilantro-Dark Berries


Preservatives and Colors Are Heavy Metals

[Aajonus]Yeah, and preservatives and colorings and food colorings and all of that


Ridges Are Heavy Metals

Ridges in the nails are usually heavy metals being built into the nails.


Stainless Steel Is Fine

[Aajonus]Stainless steel is fine. It's the radioactive battery that propels it. So, if you've got one that winds, the old style type, you wind it with the shaking of it, that's a good one. You've got a radioactive battery in batteries.


Tinnitus - Heavy Metals

When the brain detoxifies, it detoxifies out the ears, the tear, ducts, the sinuses, the gums mainly, mostly it's the gums and the tongue.  


Toxic Sperm


You can use sperm, but if he's got that much metal toxicity up on his head, he probably has it around the other head too. ,

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