Alternator Vs Transistor


[Aajonus]They won't do it.  [Attendee]Why don't they do it? I don't get what the benefit is for them? 


Best EMF Earbuds

[Aajonus]Speakerphone would be fine too. You're not touching it.


Carpal Tunnel EMFs From Computers

[Attendee]OK. Well, can't they? Right raise the price to the $0.50.


Carpal Tunnel From Laptop

Next day after that, all the pain was gone completely. 


Cell Phones Brain Damage

[Attendee]What cell phone do you have? [Aajonus]I use an earbud. So, when you're on a call, whether you're receiving it or you initiated it is when the radiation is blasting.


Electricity and EMFs

[Attendee]What's it called?  [Aajonus]It's called tri-meter. 



Yeah., it's got a motor that runs it. The motor's right under here and they'll send out EMS for up to three feet.  


Emfs In Car and Emf Pillow


So, what it does is it repels, so it doesn't allow any frequency to stay steady and I have that between two down pillows and I sit on that in my car when I used to drive down here, when I first got the


EMFs In Cars

How much does that cost? [Aajonus]Without shipping, it was around 150, 160, somewhere around there.  


EMFs in monitors

The televisions of the same way, minimum of 27 feet for the fallout.


Emfs In Phones


Yeah, well I got that one and it didn't work.[Aajonus]


Fluorescent Lights Must Be Full Spectrum

[Attendee]You're talking about fluorescence, right?


Magnetic Bed


I slept on them for a couple years. [Aajonus]You're asking for trouble.


Magnetic Therapy

So, I took all of their magnets in the bed, I ripped them out, re-glued them in and they showed all the patterns in their tests were circular. In their bed, they're running perpendicular, parallel with your body. Same length with your body. You're lying on your bed, up and down.


Monitors and TV Radiation

Chronic fatigue and bone problems. Anemia, fibromyalgia. Yeah, if somebody sits around that TV 6, 7 hours a day. Better believe it. If you're watching one of those TVs, it takes about 45 minutes of sunlight to get rid of one hour of that kind of radiation exposure. 


Ozone and Electrotherapy

So, you think about it. The progression of health that I've seen come out of the people who do that, and have experienced that, on the long term it does not make them better, it makes them worse. On a short term, it seems to work better, but so does all toxicity in the body. An inundation of immediate toxicity will cause the body to stop having working on that old stuff. 


Printers, Scanning Food


[Attendee]Well, what about the milk?[Aajonus]I don't let them, I say, "Please don't scan this. Register by hand". There's this code number on there, on the barcode, and they have to put that in.


Radiation From Laptop


Radiation, that's what I said. Radiation caused my bone loss around my teeth. So, if you've got a computer screen or an EMF field from a laptop and you're typing right off of your laptop, you're going to get a huge EMF field anywhere from 35 milligals to milligals 130. That's very, very strong.


Roller Ball Mouse Better Than Infrared


And I used that for about three hours and my arm and hand were aching. I'm really sensitive cuz all the radiation therapy that I had and I couldn't believe it. You got an infrared and it's got a high electromagnetic field. It didn't make any sense at all, but it was high, so I got my old roller ball out. Next day, no problem.


Smart Meters


[Aajonus]It's a new measurement of electricity that's used in a house. And they create a huge magnetic and radiation field.


Testing For Radiation - Blenders and Fridges High

Looking at or holding it, you get away from it. But you have to really be exposed to those fields for four or five minutes.  


Trifield Meter


They do show material, at least I've seen on the internet that does have shielding properties, galvanized steel plate. I stuck a electric shaver into a galvanized steel plate and then took the meter next to it and that.


Wifi Is Bad


Oh, very bad. Definitely. When I use it and I'll go to a hotel and that's all I have, my laptop's here and I'm over here. I have good vision, longsight vision, so I can read that far, but I've got it three feet from me.

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